A 2-Day Agenda Packed with the Latest Case Studies, Technologies and Industry Analysis.

With pressure on cost of production and maturing wells in the North Sea, data and advanced analytics hold the key to accessing every barrel.

To grow market share and be competitive, it’s clear that companies must understand and implement their own data driven production methods… and fast.

At Data Driven Production North Sea our agenda will help you implement digital transformation in your organisation, bringing you success stories from major and independent operators, tech showcases from the most innovative service providers and live demons of solutions that have revolutionised businesses.

Check out the full agenda below.

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Keynote: Map the road to your oilfield of the future: Increasing ROI from Digital Deployment
The business case for investing in digital for the long term
  • Understand why oil & gas must incorporate digital into their operations to reduce the costs of production and remain competitive  
  • An assessment of the potential ROI from integrated digital operating models in the next few years
Learn From the leaders of Digital Transformation
  • Lead by example: Why executive buy-in for digital transformation is crucial to inspire action and produce results across the organisation, by establishing a clear vision and providing the necessary funding and resources to deliver
  • Your checklist for successful corporate level digital transformation  
  • Why digital is the most important investment for the future and the opportunities it provides
Build your operational capabilities to implement a targeted digital strategy
  • Develop the knowledge and capabilities of your existing staff to maximise the benefits of digital oilfield technologies
  • Hear how leading operators have increased ROI and extended field life using cutting edge data driven production techniques in the North Sea
The future of production and exploration technology in the North Sea
  • Identify the technologies that will revolutionise production in the North Sea
  • Assess where to invest to maximise future ROI from your existing wells and ensure you stay ahead of the competition.
  • Evaluate the prospects for future production in the North Sea region, the West of Shetlands, the Barents sea, the Arctic region, the NNS and throughout the UKCS and NCS
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Section B: Using real-time data and advanced analytics to boost productivity and improve safety
Maximise oilfield productivity
  • Achieve production excellence by using data and analytics to identify efficiency savings and opportunities to optimise production
  • Utilize the data you already are collecting to its full potential to unlock new well and field level insight
  • Identify and invest in new data sources to enable more efficient operations and enhanced productivity
Moving from reactive to predictive maintenance
  • Prevent dangerous blowouts by using advanced analytics to enable early notification of equipment issues
  • Reduce downtime by using predictive analytics to prevent costly equipment and maintenance failures
  • Avoid the safety risks of unplanned maintenance and failures by using data to learn from historical incidents
Operate by exception: Learn about the latest exception based surveillance (EBS) technology being deployed in the field
  • See a live demonstration of the latest EBS technology and how it can be used to reduce unplanned production disruption
  • Improve rig safety conditions by using EBS remote-monitoring to identify when essential maintenance is required to minimise travel to rigs in harsh conditions
  • Work smarter and reduce labour costs by using EBS to reduce workload and allow lease operators to work across more wells
View your production in real-time to enable better decision making
  • Use real-time analytics to accurately measure fluctuations in production and changes in the subsurface to enable better decision making
  • Compare actual vs forecasted production to make informed asset management decisions
  • Utilize dashboards to create an interactive environment that drives production excellence.
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Section C: Case studies from the most innovative projects from leading operators in the North Sea
Accessing the last barrel: How technology can be used to give old assets a new lease of life
  • Hear from major operators on why major infrastructure re-development delivers value for money and boosts future production
  • Discover - how to deliver a successful redevelopment project in harsh conditions
  • Learn how to upgrade subsea infrastructure to increase production and extend field life in the North Sea
Autonomous rigs: the future for harsh environment production?
  • Key learnings from the launch of a remote-controlled well-head project,- the challenges and opportunities
  • Enabling better decision making through remote operation of an offshore wellhead and how it can improve efficiency and productivity
  • Evaluate autonomous rigs and their role in reducing safety risks in harsh conditions
Why the North Sea represents an attractive investment for long-term of oil and gas production and the role data has to play
  • Hear from major operators on why they believe buying assets in the North Sea provides significant business opportunity for the future
  • How integrating systems across the lifecycle can reduce costs and ensure profitability at low oil prices
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Section D: Data Governance, standardisation and transformation
Reduce the time spent on data transformation by streamlining and integrating your data collection processes
  • Create the data architecture needed to support efficient data collection across the company
  • Overcome internal data communication problems by creating a single standard data language ensuring your data translates across the whole of the production lifecycle
Collaborate externally for data standards excellence
  • Assess how we can move towards an industry standard of data through external collaboration with operators, suppliers and associations
Ensure that your computer and IT security measures are capable of protecting your data
  • Protect sensitive information from external actors looking to steal trade secrets
  • Prevent potential production disruption from cyber-attacks, ensuring there is no lost profits from unplanned downtime
  • Industry best practices and practical guidelines to implement in your organisation to protect your data
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Section E: Change management and how to prepare your organisation to adapt to a digital way of working
Anticipate and overcome the challenges associated with change management required for a successful transition to digital operations
  • Avoid process variation across different projects by implementing a systematic change-management strategy across the organisation from the management down
  • Support and lead your employees to get them to buy in to your strategy by explaining how it will benefit their day-to-day work
  • Evaluate the challenges of investing in new talent as your organisational structures change
Unlock horizontal insight across your organisation
  • Break the siloes and build the cross-functional structures needed to enable data and knowledge sharing between different teams
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing so that IT, production and operations can understand the needs and requirements of the other
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Section F: How - and when - Automation, visualisation and AI will lower production costs
The future of machine learning and AI: enabling leaner, safer operation
  • Use cased-based reasoning and legacy data to improve decision-making and save time by learning from similar cases and identifying what type of actions were needed to solve it
  • Reduce uncertainty by using machine learning and automation to model reservoir behaviour, enhancing safety and preventing potential blow-outs
How IoT and cloud technologies have the potential to transform the supply chain and produce bottom line results
  • Monitor and integrate comprehensive sets of data to measure against - and compare -  data to identify potential safety risks
  • Use IOT and cloud to integrate real time data to facilitate remote monitoring and asset management
Adopt new 3D visualisation tools to improve production efficiency and reservoir recovery with less man power.
  • Visualise your assets to enhance your decision making
  • Integrate multiple data sets in one model to enable a 360 view of your well and field operations
  • Increase Exploration Success: Learn about advances in seismic imaging that ensure your drilling teams hit the payzone more often

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