A 2 Day Agenda Packed with the Latest Case Studies, Technologies and Industry Analysis

It’s clear that if oil & gas companies want to grow market share and be competitive, they need to understand and implement data driven production methods…and fast.

The agenda for DDP2017 was designed to help your organization implement its own digital transformation, bringing you success stories from major and independent operators, tech showcases from the most innovative service providers and live demos of solutions that have revolutionized businesses.

The 2018 conference will feature even more operator case studies and unrivalled insight into how to optimize production using data drive technology. Be the first to see the 2018 agenda, speaker line-up and new workshops by downloading the conference brochure here

Agenda highlights:

Live technology showcase - ‘shark tank’ style Live technology showcase -
‘shark tank’ style
Maintenance & Reliability Live operator demos from Marathon Oil and more
Shutdowns & Turnarounds Brand new drilling track supported by SPE’s DSATS group
Interactive cybersecurity workshop 4 Interactive
Technology zone - try out the latest gadgets Technology zone - try out the latest gadgets
New networking breakfast New networking

Keynote Sessions

  • Ed Connelly
    Ed Connelly General Manager Global Production
  • Sebastian Gass
    Sebastian Gass General Manager - Technology, Strategy & Services
  • Andy Flowers
    Andy Flowers Director of Advanced Analytics
    Marathon Oil Company
  • Steven Benn
    Steven Benn Principal, Applied Technology
    Santos Ltd
  • Jim Claunch
    James Claunch VP Operations Excellence
  • Keith Lilie
    Keith Lilie US Operations & Maintenance Manager

Agenda Data Driven Drilling & Production 2018

Conference Day 1

Introduction from the Chairman

invatare Trond Ellefsen CEO Invatare

Session 1: Oil & Gas and the Digital Transformation
Digital @ Chevron
  • Learn the fundamental building blocks for Chevron’s digital platform
  • Find out which key technologies are playing the biggest roles in the digital transformation
  • Understand how new technology and business trends are incorporated into business prioritization and strategic planning

Chevron Sebastian Gass General Manager - Technology, Strategy and Services Chevron

Dell EMC digital transformation and connected digital operations
  • Details coming soon.

David Holmes CTO Energy Dell EMC

Industry Leaders Panel:
Data, Digitalisation and Disruption - the Future of the Oil & Gas industry
  • Hear how is the O&G industry responding to supply and demand challenges around the world and what is the role digital technology in the lower for longer operating environment
  • Discover how data and digitalisation is shaping company strategy across the O&G industry
  • How can operating companies realize the full potential of digital technology available and transform their businesses into data driven organisations?
  • Get the inside track on which game changing technology – including can wearables, AI, VR, blockchain – will likely be deployed first

Endeavor Chair Person - Bruce Crager Executive Vice President Endeavor Management

Halliburton David Adams Sr. Vice President for the Completion & Production Division Halliburton

Occidental Oil and Gas Andrew Nobbay Finance Director - Performance Improvement Occidental Oil and Gas

Attilio Pisoni VP Production Technologies Schlumberger

The Future of Digitally Enabled Organisations
  • Discuss the organizational and operational implications of the adoption of new technologies such as analytics and automation
  • Hear how you can best prepare your business for a collaborative digital transformation across your business
  • Debate the various models that could be employed when transforming your business in a new era of oil prices
  • Identify the organizational principals that maximize the value from digital technologies

Statoil Jim Claunch VP Operations Excellence Statoil

ConocoPhillips Ed Connelly GM Global Production ConocoPhillips

Marathon Andy Flowers Director Advanced Analytics Marathon

SANTOS Steve Benn Principle Technology SANTOS

Stepchange GlobalStepchange Global Tony Edwards CEO Stepchange Global

Predictive Analytics for Increasing Production and Decreasing Costs
  • We will illustrate how we are helping producers leverage production data and predictive analytics to optimize production and detect anomalies for measurable results. We will also explain foundational elements for realizing business value from predictive analytics.matt

SANTOS Steve Jackson President and CRO eLynx Technologies

SANTOS Bill Abbott COO eLynx Technologies

Session 2: Data in the Field
Live Demo! To Infinity and Beyond - Marathon Oil’s Continuing Journey in the Digital Oil Field
  • Assess the integration of multiple automation tools to minimize individual well downtime while they work together to minimize central facility downtime
  • How Marathon optimized their field resources by implementing processes which cross field team boundaries
  • Get a continual picture of opportunities to improve field performance through Event, Alarms, and Tasks – and how this differs to the traditional business model
  • Trending the completion of tasks while providing feedback to frontline supervision on what is driving Marathon to visit well-pads and facilities

Wood Rick O'Brien Digital Oil Field Project Manager Marathon Oil

Wood Joseph Gill EFPO Operations Control Center Supervisor Marathon Oil

Wood Doug Johnson DOF External Consultant Marathon Oil

Wood Josh McCoy Digital Oil Field Coordinator – EFAT Marathon Oil

Statoil’s Approach to Integrated Operations Centres and Greenfield Projects
  • Building from the ground up: how to run remote operations on greenfield projects with maximum efficiency from concept to delivery
  • Bringing together the totality of technology options to build digital working environments that maximise production and minimise risk
  • Case studies looking at successful data driven operating models and digital projects in oil and gas

Statoil Jarle Huseboe Project Leader Onshore Integrated Remote Operation Centre Statoil

Statoil Eivind Lie Kristensen Leader Production Bakken Statoil

Statoil Trey Turner Leader Production Appalachian Statoil

William de Hoop Scheffer Oil & Gas Lead Accenture Liquid Studio

Michael Orton Energy Strategy Senior Manager Accenture Strategy

Digital Solutions with Advanced Data Analytics applied to Offshore and Onshore Production Operations
  • Data Analytics can bring disruptive change to the way we produce, process and transport oil and gas, and to the way we manage the integrity of facilities.
  • Machine learning solutions can use historical data for the early detection and reduction of anomalies and equipment failures.  They can also be used to optimise the production, processing and transportation of oil and gas.
  • This presentation will describe several machine learning solutions developed by Wood that use measured data from production equipment, production facilities and terminals, sharing case studies around equipment anomaly detection and loss of containment, designed to reduce inspection/intervention costs, avoid or mitigate equipment failure and bring value in production optimization.

Kieran Kavanagh Innovation & Data Analytics Director Wood

The Promise of Digital for Oil and Gas
  • Our industry is facing a period of change like never before. With medium-for-longer oil prices, E&P companies are having to alter the way they operate.
  • But it is also a time of huge opportunity. With a range of new technology coming to market, companies can choose not only to survive, but to thrive.
  • In this new world, what digital really means for the E&P industry? What is needed in order to have successful digital transformation projects?

Chetan Desai VP Digital Solutions Schlumberger

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Technology Showcase and Investor Panel

  • Anupam Singh
    Anupam Singh Investment Principal
    Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures
  • Bill Vass
    Bill Vass Vice President of Engineering
    Amazon Web Services
  • soon
    Celestino Gonzales Senior Vice President, Commercial Banking
    WNB Commercial
  • Jeff Dodd
    Jeff Dodson Partner M&A
Session 3: Technology Showcase and Shark Tank Investor Panel
  • Witness live demonstrations of the technology making data driven operating models a reality from some of the hottest innovators in the digital sphere including; Bentley, Ondiflo, Tachyus and Akselos
  • This live Shark Tank style debate will put you as the audience centre stage in evaluating cutting edge technologies and their impact on the O&G industry.

Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures Anupam Singh Investment Principal Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures

Amazon Web Services Bill Vass VP Engineering Amazon Web Services

Woodforest National Bank Celestino Gonzalez Senior Vice President – Commercial Banking Woodforest National Bank

KPMG Jeff Dodson M&A Tax Partner KPMG

Halliburton Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy Technology Fellow & Chief Data Scientist Halliburton

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Day 2: Production Track - Sponsored by P2

  • Rick O'Brien
    Rick O'Brien Digital Oil Field Project Manager
    Marathon Oil
  • Jarle Husebø
    Jarle Huseboe Leader Operation Support
  • Vikrant Lakhanpal
    Vikrant Lakhanpal Production Engineer
    Proline Energy Resources Inc
  • Scott Bateman
    Scott Bateman IT&S Infrastructure & Platforms Director
  • Dustin Ernst
    Dustin Ernst Integrated Operations Manager Eagle Ford

P2 Energy Solutions Chair Person - Clara Fluge VP Production Management P2 Energy Solutions

Best Practices for Operators to Reduce OPEX and Minimize Downtime with Oilfield IoT

Dell EMC Franz Deimbacher Technical Leader AWS Oil and Gas

David Milam EVP Business Development & Marketing Wellaware

Production Operations and the Digital Transformation process
  • How digital technology can enable operators to leverage subject matter experts to deliver data driven insights across multiple projects
  • Discover how you can use a data driven operating model to allocate personnel and resources into business-critical operations, maximising production and revenue per employee
  • Hear how you can get stakeholder buy-in across the business to deliver digital transformation projects

hess Cliff Summers Engineering Advisor Hess

Pioneer Corporation Dustin Ernst Integrated Operations Manager Eagle Ford ConocoPhillips

SouthWestern Mark Reynolds Senior E&P Solutions Architect, Upstream Integrated Operations Southwestern Energy

AssetWise Jim Newman, PE Senior Director of Product Management AssetWise

Rohit Kedia Chief Business Officer, Manufacturing and ERP services Larsen & Toubro Infotech

Presentation TBA
  • Details coming soon.

SouthWestern Speaker TBC Siemens

BP US Onshore Lower 48 Team Panel: Think Before You Drive
  • Discover how data has allowed BP to achieve dynamic work assignment and priority optimized routing
  • Delve into the evolution of our Automated Response, Resource Optimization and Work Management system - ARROW
  • How BP are harnessing technology to focus on the most important safety critical and high value work while reducing the time it takes to get it done

Proline Energy Resources Inc. Scott Bateman IT&S Infrastructure & Platforms Director BP

Proline Energy Resources Inc. Wesley Hamer Optimization Team Lead BP Lower 48

Proline Energy Resources Inc. Priten Patel BP Lower 48

Proline Energy Resources Inc. Jason Koenig BP Lower 48

Off the Grid Nomadic Communications

How do you manage a 100 person, remote business office, that moves every two weeks, and has zero connectivity?! This is what the Oil and Gas industry faces every time they move a drilling rig from one location to another.

  • Find out how to create a solution that is simple, transportable, resilient, secure, fast, and cost effective.   It had to survive dangerous and caustic environments, and it had to be broadband speed fast
  • Discover the key business issues and drivers that drove the decision to build this telecommunication solution
  • Evaluate the technical and political challenges that were overcome in order to implement this solution in a nomadic environment
  • Hear why Pioneer partnered with a telecommunications provider and how they chose that provider
  • Future initiatives that this project enables and the key learnings gained from the project

Pioneer. David Whitten Corporate Innovation Lead Project Manager Pioneer Corporation

Eliminate CAPEX and future-proof your communications with LTE in the Permian, Eagle Ford, Bakken SCOOP/ STACK and beyond”
  • Replace CAPEX with better/ faster/ cheaper OPEX
  • Seamlessly integrate existing SCADA Networks with strong Service Level Agmts (SLAs)
  • The benefits of using private LTE to eliminate CAPEX and provide ubiquitous field connectivity and services
  • How to outsource communications to focus resources on your core business
  • Cloud Services: Decapitalizing, securing, and future-proofing O&G communications with LTE

Infrastructure-Networks Scott Crist Chairman Infrastructure Networks

Developments in the Satellite Communications Industry
  • Position of satellite in the communications industry
  • Key developments in the Satcom industry
    -  General developments
    -  Disruption in the data market
    -  Value chain shifts in the Satcom industry
    -  New Non-Geostationary Orbit (NGSO) satellite systems

Infrastructure-Networks Morten Hansen VP Energy SES Networks

IT and OT Convergence in 2018
  • Assess real case studies looking at edge computing and real-time data collection breakthroughs
  • Discover how operating companies can realize the full potential of digital technology and transform their businesses into data driven organisations
  • Identify the IoT and communications infrastructure innovations that can cut costs and deliver reliability in any operating environment

Dell Chris Lenzsch Solutions Architect, Connected Digital Operations Dell EMC

MarathonAndy Flowers Director of Advanced Analytics Marathon Oil

Jose Jimenez Director of Oil and Gas Solutions Emerson Automation Solutions

Cody Falcon VP Arundo Analytics

Finding Order in Chaos: Oil & Gas Data Analytics
  • Hear how data analytics be used to make brownfield assets more profitable
  • Learn from an innovative onshore independent operator on how to use data analytics techniques to develop and produce onshore mature conventional, and unconventional natural gas resources
  • How to bring predictive maintenance routines up to speed whilst moving high Capex costs to low Opex costs to control escalation

proline Vikrant Lakhanpal Production Engineer Proline Energy Resources Inc

Production Data Management & Analytics
  • Deploy new automated and integrated systems to dramatically reduce downtime and OPEX at scale
  • Evaluate supply chain innovation in the field of data analytics: new offerings vs. new entrants
  • How to avoid non-productive time by improving machine to machine communications
  • Assess corporate data governance programs and data ownership models to find a path to progress
  • Hear how leaders in data management are driving efficiency gains using across operational units by improving data availability, utility and visualisation
  • Data Quality Control Programs: How to ensure data streams can satisfy the requirements of analytics solutions to facilitate uptake and deployment to functional teams across your organisation

Sanchez Oil and Gas Corporation Leslie Malone Workover and Optimization Manager Sanchez Oil and Gas Corporation

murphy Fred Clarke Senior Artificial Lift Advisor Murphy Oil

Mongo DB Patrick Sheehan Solutions Architecture Mongo DB

P2 Clara Fuge VP Product Management P2 Energy Solutions

Securely connecting mission critical assets at scale
  • Details coming soon.

Iotium Ron Victor CEO and Founder Iotium

Fireside chat: The Oilfield Workforce of the Future
  • Debate the skills and culture required to support the adoption of digital technology
  • Hear from industry experts and practitioners on how to prepare your workforce to use digital tools to deliver value
  • Discuss how augmented worker technology and smart wearables will impact work processes in the future

Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts, Houston Chapter Dr Irina Borovskaya Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts, Houston Chapter

School of Mines Jim Crompton Adjunct Faculty Member Colorado School of Mines

halliburton Som Chakraborti Manufacturing and Industrial IOT executive Halliburton

Proline Energy Resources Inc. Jason Koenig BP Lower 48

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Day Two: Drilling Track

  • Mark Anderson
    Mark Anderson General Manager Drilling Mechanics Technology
  • Darryl Fett
    Darryl Fett Manager, Research - Drilling & Completions
    Total E&P Research & Technology USA
  • Toby Dixon
    Toby Dixon SVP Drilling and Evaluation Division
  • Robello Samuel
    Robello Samuel Chief Technical Advisor
  • Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy
    Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy Technology Fellow & Chief Data Scientist
Session 1: Data Driven Drilling Systems & Automation
Opening Keynotes
Presentation TBA

Halliburton Sri Srivansanen SVP Drilling and Evaluation Division Halliburton

DrillPlan - coherent well construction planning solution
  • The digital well construction planning solution ensures planning is completed, honoring the highest standards in the most efficient way through project management, in-built engines, concurrent collaborative engineering, and automated design validation.
  • The iterative workflow means that plans improve as new data are added, and future programs can learn from prior experience.
  • In North America the DrillPlan solution has proved to be comprehensive and powerful in delivering drilling programs in days rather than weeks.

Schlumberger Adrian Newton Marketing Manager Schlumberger

AI at Enterprise Scale, Embedding Intelligence in All Drilling Operations

C3 Randy Krotowski GM IOT C3 IOT

Drilling Systems Automation Technical Section Panel Session
  • Discuss the data-ownership and quality challenges your business will face during roll-out of digital projects
  • Get the inside track on data standards
  • Assess the challenges of getting good data, best practice to adopt and pitfalls to avoid
  • Hear about best practice case studies of data driven models in drilling

Halliburton Moray Laing Digital Solutions & Drilling Automation Halliburton

Shell Mark Anderson GM Drilling Mechanics Technology Shell

Total Darryl Fett Manager, Research - Drilling & Completions Total E&P Research & Technology USA

Data Gumbo Andrew Bruce CEO Data Gumbo

Energistics Jay Hollingsworth CTO Energistics

Field Development and Operational Optimization for Unconventionals
  • How to address high operational demands for drilling and fracking wells
  • How can improved planning address inefficiencies in unconventional fields
  • Agile end-to-end service value chains are needed from Edge Computing scenarios to newly formed Data Science teams
  • Operationalizing Data Science teams efforts is an industry challenge today
  • Real-time operations of all assets are needed for improved margins in the industry

redhat John Archer Senior Energy AppDev Solution Architect Redhat

Ipcos Shaji John Solutions Manager Ipcos

The Journey ahead to Data Driven Cognitive Cyber Drilling Systems
  • Debottleneck data processing, to improve decision making speed, operational agility and drilling accuracy in the field.
  • Review progress on autonomous drilling rig technology.
  • How automated drilling is improving efficiency by supporting enhanced direction and depth control and the benefits of measurement while drilling well logging.

Halliburton Robello Samuel Drilling Technology Fellow Halliburton

IP protection options for data collection and presentation systems
  • Trade secrets, design patents, copyright and trade dress; exploring the alternatives for IP protection
  • How to secure your data collection technology in an evolving legal landscape
  • Hear the strategies you need to employ to increase the odds of obtaining protection

Morgan C. Erik Hawes Partner Morgan Lewis

International Association of Directional Drilling Panel Session

Halliburton Jim Oberkircher Executive Director IADD (International Association of Directional Drilling)

Halliburton Hani Elshahawi GameChanger and Digitalization Lead Shell

MindMesh Inc Raju Gandikota CTO MindMesh Inc

Halliburton Todd Benson President & CEO Motive Drilling Technologies

Texas A&M University Fred Dupriest Professor of Engineering Practices Texas A&M University

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