Analysis of the offshore competitive environment, key growth markets and the impact of lower oil prices on operators priorities

With today’s lower oil and gas prices, a renewed emphasis on operating cost and optimum production levels has become even more important. This research report will highlight current best practices as well as additional opportunities for digital solutions to impact the success of offshore operations.

Upstream Intelligence’s Offshore Digital Services Report provides analysis of the competitive environment, key growth markets and the impact of lower oil prices on operators priorities.

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  • Opportunities in Key Emerging Markets: Evaluation of the future growth areas for offshore digital services including Brazil, Mexico, East Africa and the Arctic.
  • Market Structure and Competitive Environment: An overview of the key players in the digital solutions market and the services they provide.
  • Lesson Learned: Digital technology and service providers need to embrace the lessons learned from offshore drilling solutions. Gain key insight from an operating company perspective.
  • Production Challenges: Key insight into what operators value in the current price environment and how to provide the right service & solutions.

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  • How can contractors and service providers present solutions in ways operators will value?
  • What lessons have been learned from applying digital technologies and services in offshore drilling environments?
  • How can offshore digital systems solve operator’s challenges?
  • How is the market structure of the digital services sector responding to the lower oil price environment?
  • Which areas of offshore operations could benefit from the application of digital technologies?

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