3rd Annual

Subsea Integrity Conference 2015

October 5-6 | Houston TX - Doubletree Greenway Plaza Hotel

The 3rd Annual Subsea Integrity Conference is now over! But there's still a lot of interesting content from it you can still access...

Avoid Subsea Asset Failure, Mitigate Integrity Risks & Secure Reliable Subsea Production Systems to Boost Performance 

The Subsea Integrity Conference 2015, Houston TX returns this October 5-6 with an exciting new direction and expert speaker line-up. Serving as Houston’s foremost subsea hub, this meeting will define the future trajectory of the subsea market as it overcomes oil price uncertainty.

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The hottest topics include...

  • Take control of data and transition to ‘integrated’ CPM system that transforms data into automated analytics
  • Reverse cost escalation by identifying opportunities to standardise or simplify technical specifications for new subsea equipment
  • Evaluate material performance requirements for high stress environments and understand how to effectively mitigate performance fatigue
  • Get the latest insight into leading JIP initiatives developing robust subsea trees, boosting and separation systems for HTHP environments
  • Exclusive troubleshooting of subsea equipment failures  that will help you to map out gaps in today’s subsea solutions market effecting power, corrosion/vibration, FA, CMP sensor networks, interventions and more 

Taking our subsea IM program to the next level

With the maintenance of subsea integrity now more important than ever, SSIC will be directed by a board of industry experts that will hand pick speakers and draft the program to ensure that 2015’s conference is built by the industry, for the industry.

Committee Members currently include:

John Allen

John Allen
API 17 A - Design and Operation of Subsea Production Systems
Don Wells

Don Wells
API 17N - Subsea Systems Reliability
John Vicic

John Vicic
API 17X - Subsea Pumping Systems

Why is now the time to act subsea?

  • Maximizing Recovery from Existing Fields and Increasing Production Operations for New Developments: with ever increasing costs added to static oil prices, operators are being squeezed to extend brownfield operations as well as secure a robust strategy to ensure new developments are producing for up to 50 years.
  • Major Industry Trends Pushing Integrity Boundaries: rapid movement in subsea power, automation, pumping and compression can only be achieved through a step-change in integrity management.
  • Achieving the Goal of the “Subsea Factory”: moving the topside ‘subsea’ will require a new approach to integrity and intervention and significantly increase the risk and consequences of failure - subsea risk must be managed effectively.
  • Reactive to Proactive: too often, activities such as subsea inspection, maintenance and monitoring are seen as isolated reactive events - the industry is beginning to adopt these activities as part of a proactive systematic subsea IM strategy, but we must continue to share the value in doing so.
  • Post-Macondo Regulatory Environment: BSEE and other regulatory bodies are increasingly focusing on the industry’s ability to operate to the highest standards of safety - in high risk subsea environments this means Asset Integrity Management must play a crucial role in demonstrating safety standards.
  • Increasingly Harsh Operating Conditions: Deepwater, HPHT and long-offset environments continue to present challenges for subsea systems, from gathering inspection data in remote locations to ensuring assets can operate to ultimate capacity.

So who will you meet at SSIC 2015?

The 3nd Annual Subsea Integrity Conference is drawing a more diverse audience than ever before. Based on past attendees and those already signed up here's a snapshot of who you can expect to find awaiting you this October.

Breakdown by job function 2015

200+ Elite Executives at the #1 GOM event

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What’s new at SSIC 2015?

  • Gain 4 PDH points with Jee! - An all-new half-day workshop will allow 25 engineers exclusive access to Jee's specialist subsea engineering tuition and will provide them with the tools they need to overcome a host of critical subsea challenges
  • Extra Operator Panels - Participate in a refreshed format of keynotes that sees leading operators and executives review the latest key findings, claims and surprises of our top-level case histories
  • All New Subsea Engineering Poster Session - Open to all, this unique subsea poster session withh allow students from the University of Houston & Texas A&M to present their thesis and projects; highlighting a wave of new innovations and shining a spotlight on the next generation of subsea executives
  • Subsea IM Technical Troubleshooting - Embedded into the main program, evaluate the latest tools, strategies and methodologies for the remediation of critical subsea sysstem failures and interventions by drawing on our experts from the GOM and around the globe

Speaking, sponsorship and exhibition opportunities are available but extremely limited. Please get in touch via the details below for further information.

Look forward to seeing you in Houston!

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