A 2-Day Agenda Packed with the Latest Case Studies, Technologies and Industry Analysis.

The 2018 programme is currently in production… See below for what’s on the agenda at the North American Data Driven Drilling & Production Conference in May. Plus you can register your interest in the Data Driven Production Conference Middle East conference here to be the first to get the 2018 agenda

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Keynote Sessions

  • Ed Connelly
    Ed Connelly General Manager Global Production
  • Sebastian Gass
    Sebastian Gass General Manager - Technology, Strategy & Services
  • Andy Flowers
    Andy Flowers Director of Advanced Analytics
    Marathon Oil Company
  • Steven Benn
    Steven Benn Principal, Applied Technology
    Santos Ltd
  • Jim Claunch
    James Claunch VP Operations Excellence
  • Keith Lilie
    Keith Lilie US Operations & Maintenance Manager
Introduction from the Chairman

Trond Ellefsen CEO Invatare

Session 1: Oil & Gas and the Digital Transformation
Industry Leader Keynotes
  • Key Session Speakers

Chevron Sebastian Gass General Manager - Technology, Strategy and Services Chevron

Statoil Keith Lilie US O&M Manager Statoil

Industry Leaders Panel
  • What lies ahead for Oil and Gas? Hear from industry heavyweights on how the O&G industry is responding to demand challenges and the role of digital technology in driving the industry forward in the lower for longer operating environment.
  • What game changing technology can we expect to be deployed in the oil patch over the next 18 months? From the potential of wearable technology and blockchain, to the impact augmented reality, virtual reality, Ai and mobile communications are already having on operations, get the lowdown on the breakthrough technologies transforming what it means to work in oil and gas.
  • How can operating companies realize the full potential of digital technology available and transform their businesses into data driven organisations?

Halliburton Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy Technology Fellow & Chief Data Scientist Halliburton

Occidental Oil and Gas Andrew Nobbay Finance Director - Performance Improvement Occidental Oil and Gas

The Future of Digitally Enabled Organisations

This panel session will discuss the organizational and operational implications of the adoption of new technologies. Specifically, it will cover:

  • Organizational Lessons learned from the practical application of technologies such as Analytics and Automation
  • How to organize for Collaboration
  • How we can transform our oil and gas organizations to be, collaborative, remote, data and information enabled and sustainable for the future at a low commodity price. It will look at the potential models and what needs to be done to put these in place
  • What are the organizational principals that maximize the value from these technologies

Statoil Keynote James Claunch VP - Operations Excellence Statoil

Stepchange GlobalStepchange Global Tony Edwards CEO Stepchange Global

Statoil Jim Claunch VP Operations Excellence Statoil

ConocoPhillips Ed Connelly GM Global Production ConocoPhillips

Marathon Andy Flowers Director Advanced Analytics Marathon

SANTOS Steve Benn Principle Technology SANTOS

Session 2: Data in the Field
Operator Production Demonstrations

Marathon Oil Rick O'Brien Digital Oil Field Project Manager Marathon Oil

“To Infinity and Beyond” - Marathon Oil’s continuing journey in the Digital Oil Field, A live look at some of our tools and online processes
  • Integration of multiple automation tools to minimize individual well downtime while they work together to minimize central facility downtime
  • Taking DOF across the asset teams, what has made it work for us
  • Optimizing our field resources by implementing processes which cross field team boundaries that includes the integration of multiple DOF tools
  • Event, Alarms, Tasks providing a continual picture of opportunities to improve field performance
  • Optimizing the opportunities by prioritizing them based on field priorities
  • Tasking the opportunities based on priority and available resources versus traditional route business model
  • Trending the completion of tasks while providing feedback to frontline supervision on what is driving us to visit our wellpads & facilities
The Digital Environment: Onshore vs Offshore
  • Ways to increase reliability, prevent accidents and increase profitability using subsea controls, automation and remote operations centres.
  • The latest in digital offshore deepwater and subsea innovation
  • ROV/AUV advanced sensors diagnostics and wireless communication network advances

Wood Kieran Kavanagh Innovation & Data Analytics Director Wood

Integrated Operations Centres and Greenfield projects
  • Building from the ground up: how to run remote operations on greenfield projects with maximum efficiency from concept to delivery.
  • Bringing together the totality of technology options to build digital working environments that maximise production and minimise risk
  • Case studies looking at successful data driven operating models and digital projects in oil and gas

Statoil Jarle Huseboe Project Leader Onshore Integrated Remote Operation Centre Statoil

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Technology Showcase and Investor Panel

  • Anupam Singh
    Anupam Singh Investment Principal
    Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures
  • Darryl Fett
    Darryl Fett Manager, Research - Drilling & Completions
    Total E&P Research & Technology USA
  • soon
    Speaker TBC Amazon Web Services
Session 3: Technology Showcase and Investor Panel
  • Witness live demonstrations of the technology making data driven operating models a reality from some of the hottest innovators in the digital sphere.
  • Hear from leaders in the venture capital and innovation fund teams of International Oil Companies (IOC’s) on what their acquisition priorities and technology needs are in the digital oilfield moving forward.
  • Operator innovation and supply chain leaders share their challenges and priorities

Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures Anupam Singh Investment Principal Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures

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Production Track - Sponsored by P2

  • soon
    Rick O'Brien Digital Oil Field Project Manager
    Marathon Oil
  • soon
    David Whitten Corporate Innovation Lead Project Manager
    Pioneer Corporation
  • Jarle Husebø
    Jarle Huseboe Leader Operation Support
  • Vikrant Lakhanpal
    Vikrant Lakhanpal Production Engineer
    Proline Energy Resources Inc
Data Collection, Management & Integration
  • Hear from the leaders in data management and how they are driving efficiency gains using across operational units by improving data availability, utility and visualisation.
  • Data Quality Control Programs: How to ensure data streams can satisfy the requirements of analytics solutions to facilitate uptake and deployment to functional teams across your organisation.
  • Corporate data governance programs and data ownership models: finding a path to progress.
  • Case studies looking at edge computing and real-time data collection breakthroughs
  • IoT and communications infrastructure innovations that can cut costs and deliver reliability in any operating environment

Dell EMC Chris Lenzsch Solutions Manager, Big Data Analytics & IoT Dell EMC

Morgan Lewis C. Erik Hawes Partner Morgan Lewis

Off the Grid Nomadic Communications
  • Key business issues and drivers that drove the decision to build this telecommunication solution.
  • The technical and political challenges that were overcome in order to implement this solution in a nomadic environment.
  • Why they partnered with a telecommunications provider and how they chose that provider.
  • Future initiatives that this project enables.
  • The key learnings gained from this project.

Pioneer Corporation David Whitten Corporate Innovation Lead Project Manager Pioneer Corporation

Data Analytics & Predictive Maintenance
  • Wield new automated and integrated systems to dramatically reduce downtime and OPEX at scale.
  • Finding order in chaos: Oil & Gas Data Analytics: Hear from an innovative onshore independent operator on how to use data analytics techniques to develop and produce onshore mature conventional, and unconventional natural gas resources.
  • Bringing predictive maintenance routines up to speed whilst moving high Capex costs to low Opex costs to control escalation.
  • Supply chain innovation in the field of data analytics: new offerings vs new entrants
  • Avoid non-productive time by improving machine to machine communications

Proline Energy Resources Inc. Vikrant Lakhanpal Production Engineer Proline Energy Resources Inc.

Change Management & The Digital Transformation
  • Refine your operating model, optimise your business processes and learn about the latest advances in augmented filed worker technology and the human machine interface.
  • Integrating functional units and teams across asset portfolios.
  • Empowering your leaders to work through the organisational and cultural change brought by the digital transformation.
  • How digital technology can enable operators to leverage subject matter experts to deliver data driven insights across multiple projects.
  • Wield a data driven operating model to allocate personnel and resources into business critical operations, maximising production and revenue per employee.
The Oilfield Workforce of the Future
  • What skills are needed and what culture is needed to support the adoption of digital technology?
  • Hear from industry experts and practitioners on how to prepare your workforce to use digital tools to deliver value
  • Augmented worker technology and smart wearables impact on work processes

Houston Chapter Dr Irina Borovskaya Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts Houston Chapter

Jim Crompton Adjunct Faculty Member Colorado School of Mines

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Drilling Track

  • Mark Anderson
    Mark Anderson General Manager Drilling Mechanics Technology
  • Darryl Fett
    Darryl Fett Manager, Research - Drilling & Completions
    Total E&P Research & Technology USA
  • Toby Dixon
    Toby Dixon SVP Drilling and Evaluation Division
  • Robello Samuel
    Robello Samuel Chief Technical Advisor
  • Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy
    Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy Technology Fellow & Chief Data Scientist
Keynote Presentation

Halliburton Toby Dixon Senior Vice President - Drilling and Evaluation Division Halliburton

Drilling Systems Automation Technical Section Panel Session
  • Data-Ownership/Quality/ Challenges
  • What’s being done with data standards
  • The challenges of getting good data
  • Examples of data driven models in drilling

Shell Mark Anderson GM Drilling Mechanics Technology Shell

Halliburton Moray Laing Digital Solutions & Drilling Automation Halliburton

Data Gumbo Andrew Bruce CEO Data Gumbo

Energistics Jay Hollingsworth CTO Energistics

Digital Drilling Optimisation
  • Insight on how digital twin applications and modelling can improve well placement accuracy and minimise personnel exposure.
  • Learn more about the latest improvements in visualization technologies and simulators.
  • Review progress on autonomous drilling rig technology.
  • The Journey ahead to Data Driven Cognitive Cyber Drilling Systems: Early Kick Detection using Adaptive Analytics with Deconvoluted Downhole Accelerometer Data

Halliburton Robello Samuel Drilling Technology Fellow Halliburton

Jim Oberkircher Executive Director IADD (International Association of Directional Drilling)

Drilling Automation & Control Systems
  • Hear from leading operators on how they are improving decision making using new downhole edge capabilities, real-time support technology and IoT to improve data collection, transmission and analysis.
  • How automated drilling is improving efficiency by supporting enhanced direction and depth control and the benefits of measurement while drilling well logging.
  • How downhole sensor and telemetry innovation can improve decision making during drilling operations.
Integrated Drilling Data Collection & Analysis
  • Debottleneck data processing, to improve decision making speed, operational agility and drilling accuracy in the field.
  • How can operators, contractors and supply chain move towards better models of data standards to enable improved communications and faster decision making to cut drilling times.
  • Optimizing blowout preventer performance by adding cloud-based analytics.
Safety Lifecycle Management
  • How to manage automation without compromising safety in harsh drilling environments. Reduce accidents, minimise downtime and improve drilling efficiency using integrated communications, visualisation and interpretation.
  • Bringing drilling logging and historical data to bear on current drilling operations to improve speed and success without compromising safety.
  • Develop effective data driven intervention strategies to reduce risks during operations and improve HSE management.

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