2018 Agenda

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Section A: Strategic Industry Overview
Data, Digitalisation and Disruption - the Future of the Oil & Gas industry
  • Hear how the North Sea O&G industry is responding to supply and demand challenges around the world and what the role of digital technology will be
  • Discover how data and digitalisation is shaping company strategy across the North Sea O&G industry
  • How operating companies can realise the full potential of digital technology available and transform their businesses into data driven organisations
  • Radical innovation: incremental digital adoption vs wholesale re-thinking of operations
The Future of Digitally Enabled Organisations
  • Discuss the evolving role humans are playing in an increasingly digitised work environment
  • Understand which key skills enable human-machine interaction and how you can prepare your workforce to engage with new technologies and digital processes
  • Learn how to energise a company culture that embraces innovative solutions and technological disruption
  • Discuss digital leadership and its place in the organisation
  • Evaluate which new roles should be developed inhouse, removing the need for long-term contract work
  • The benefits of a collaborative workplace environment - when to avoid parachuting in ideas
Where is the value in all the data - how to identify the right opportunity
  • Using data - the why and the how
  • Where data can drive value in decision making; identify how to make marginal projects commercial and how to extend the life of assets
  • Creating your digital tool-kit; what skills, technologies and partnerships are needed in order to access the value
  • What stance to take on data ownership; what return can operators, contractors and the supply chain gain from sharing data openly
  • How to avoid silos; the importance of handle data for real-time inter-team value driven results
Enabling dynamic solutions through strategic partnerships
  • Identify the value that flexibility brings to digital initiatives and how long-term relationships can engender this
  • Learn how to create a commercially beneficial relationship where both parties’ assess evolving challenges and innovate optimal solutions together
  • Go beyond fixed price tendering mantra of ‘I want xyz - what is your price?’ and build a dynamic relationship
  • Minimise the risk of new digital initiatives through long term collaboration with service providers built on trust
  • Hear the benefits - and pitfalls - of employing the hottest new technology and having the most advanced digital solutions on the market
Section B: Case Study from Real Life Digitalisation Projects
Equinor’s New Integrated Operation Centre (IOC)
  • Equinor explain how their new IOC has built on the experience from two existing centres enabling further value creation to be supported by proactive work
  • Understand the opportunities found for production optimisation and predictive maintenance based on new developments within cloud computing, real time data flows and data science
  • Hear how a new operations model is established and will help to stimulate interaction across disciplines in IOC and towards customer fields.
How to launch a digitalisation programme
  • Identify who needs to be convinced to act across all levels of the organisation, which key digital champions will help to drive the project forward and how to get them onboard
  • What evidence is needed to convince the sceptics of the value of committing resources towards digital projects
  • How to set up teams with conflicting budget objectives to create a holistic digital project
  • How to maintain focus on the end value-driven objective and avoid project overspend on time and budget
  • Identifying internal strengths and weaknesses and assessing when to seek external knowledge
  • Real world case studies on the launch of a successful digital initiative
  • Hear what techniques are critical to running projects at scale that incorporate multiple teams across multiple regions
Production Data Management & Analytics
  • Assess data surrounding asset availability/uptime to deliver actionable solutions that maximise production efficiency
  • Deploy new automated and integrated systems to reduce downtime and OPEX
  • Hear how data availability, utility and visualisation can enable a workforce to operate with increased efficiency and safety
  • How to ensure data quality that can satisfy the requirements of analytics solutions thus allowing for trust and practical application by operations teams across your organisation
  • Hear what new technologies are helping to analyse and understand data, thus enabling you to understand your field and so optimise your operations
Green-field built in digital design
  • Understand the advantages of bringing digital thinking into the core of greenfield development
  • Understand the role of new technologies such as; robotics, automation and sensors to delivering a safer more efficient production environment
  • How ‘building in’ rather than ‘bolting on’ digital elements can reduce CAPEX and lead to lower OPEX costs in the long term
A new approach unlocks the Cheviot field development
  • Hear how the low oil price led to innovation in the way projects can be approached
  • Learn where data and its management has allowed Alpha Petroleum to develop knowledge and apply it in an integrated manner
  • Identify how to deliver shareholder value using data, knowledge and innovation within a new context
Subsea controls and Safety Systems
  • How to increase reliability, prevent accidents and increase profitability using automation and remote operations centres
  • Hear how remote operations centres have enabled greenfield projects to run with maximum efficiency 
  • What new technologies can be deployed now to assist subsea equipment maintenance
Section C: Case studies in digital project leadership
How to make greenfield marginal projects worthwhile and commercial - rethinking shelved projects
  • Hear how data analytics can model marginal projects to map for profitable exploitation
  • Understand what new technologies are being employed to lower lifting costs enabling previously uneconomical fields to be exploited
  • How can integrating operations with vendors in the supply chain help to lower CAPEX thus enabling lower yield fields to become operationally viable
  • Learn where you can leverage existing infrastructure on abandoned fields to exploit pockets of oil
  • Hear how digital twin technology can prototype new ideas and develop models that identify inefficiencies and ways to eradicate them
Maximising production through digital transformation
  • Discover how you can use a data driven operating model to allocate personnel and resources into business-critical operations, maximising production and revenue per employee
  • How digital technology can enable operators to leverage subject matter experts to deliver data driven insights across multiple projects
  • Learn how you can make the results stick, ensuring long-lasting efficiency gains and continuous improvement of operations
  • How to scale up digital initiatives and move from ‘project’ to ‘standard practice’
Minimum-manned operations
  • Understand why rethinking traditional operations for green-field project design can generate opportunities for efficient production
  • Hear where minimum-manned operations can be deployed and the conditions which will enable a successful project
  • Hear proven results from minimum-manned projects that have led to reductions in both CAPEX and OPEX
  • Learn the barriers and challenges that accompany minimum-manned operations
  • Hear how minimum-manned facilities can be incorporated into a wider digital transformation strategy
  • What should be the role of robotics?
De-manning brownfield operations to boost efficiency
  • Learn how you can reduce the number of personnel required for production at aging wells
  • Extend the profitability of older assets allowing by reducing OPEX without significant CAPEX investment
  • Understand the key low sunk cost technologies that can be deployed for late life asset extension
SME integration into the supply chain
  • Run projects with multiple specialised suppliers to achieve greater efficiency for specific tasks
  • Avoid being tied to a single vendor thus enabling flexibility to new solutions as they enter the market
  • Learn what data can be shared with a wider supply chain without affecting competitive advantage
Section D: Integrating new technology to drive production efficiency
Subsurface data analysis for production maximisation
  • Employ new analytics tools, AI and machine learning to better utilise available reservoir data for an improved understanding of field potential
  • Create and build models allowing decisions to be tested before committing to well life extension and enhanced oil recovery
  • Optimise operational understanding through cross-functional well and reservoir management to fully assess opportunities
Brownfield sites: digitalisation vs decommissioning
  • Understand the ROI for digitising exiting assets using data analytics and reservoir surveillance to predict long-term production forecasts
  • Model the options available for production optimisation, balancing CAPEX with production forecasting
  • Utilise digital technologies to extend field-life allowing accruement of funds for decommissioning
Oil and Gas Technology Centre - Technology showcase
  • Witness live demonstrations of the technology making data driven operating models a reality from some of the hottest innovators in the digital sphere including digital twin, blockchain, AI, AR, VR & Drones

This live Dragon’s Den style debate will put you as the audience centre stage in evaluating cutting edge technologies and their impact on the O&G industry.

The companies will demonstrate how their cutting-edge technology has enabled their partners to increase production efficiency

Section E: Data driven drilling optimisation
Next generation drilling
  • Learn what new technologies are providing the best opportunities for drilling optimisation now and within the next few years
  • Identify what factors will affect the implementation of new technologies and data analytics, including people, processes and the organisation
  • Understand what key elements of current operations need to change and how to effectuate that change successfully
  • where we are looking at overcoming the people, process and organisational change when implementing new technologies such as analytics
Real-time data enabled drilling solutions
  • Understand how to utilise sub-optimal data effectively, employing analytics to gain understanding into real-time operations
  • Identify areas for where marginal gains can improve all aspects of operations leading to significant collective returns rather than searching for the silver bullet
  • Understand the ‘mini-project’ and how piloting and deployment of solutions can take place in real-time across a number of drilling operations 
Digital project health check
  • Common reasons why digital initiatives fail and the early warning signs of emerging problems
  • Learn what tools are available to help you identify your project’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn where to deploy assets to re-focus your project utilising the health check roadmap
  • Hear industry best practices for assessing project performance and identifying areas of weakness 
  • Hear how key techniques for implementing solutions have re-aligned projects and enabled their successful completion
Section F: Organisational culture and employee interaction
Create a culture that fosters digitalisation: Case Study: Maersk Drilling, Becoming a Digital Innovation Start-up
  • Learn how to create an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit that can react at speed to a changing industry
  • Hear how Maersk have created their digital innovation team including the methods and the processes employed to enable successful initiatives
  • Understand the role of collaboration between universities and start-ups and how it has led to revolutionary innovations that can shape the future of oil and gas operations
  • Learn how Maersk have moved through development and launched and commercially viable digitalisation projects
Developing a digital workforce
  • Understand digital literacy as a process of how we interact with computers, data and technology
  • Create curiosity among existing workforce to learn and engage with new technologies and new digital methods
  • Rethink ‘Digitise or Die’, embrace experienced workers and enable skilled employees to adapt to the digital environment.
  • The digital engineer, dissecting specialist positions vs general digital knowledge
Attracting the best talent to Oil and Gas
  • How we can utilise gamification of workflows to create an engaging environment that will compete with the tech industry
  • Engage with universities to promote oil and gas careers and key skills within data analytics and computer science courses

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