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An E&P and Lessons-Learned Focused Agenda

Our agenda is crafted through careful collaboration with major European operators with a focus on real examples and lessons-learned. We want you to go away with something to put into action the Thursday you’re back in the office!


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  • Session 1: Digital Strategy and Leading Change
  • Session 2: Data-Driven Technology for the Low-Carbon Transition
  • Session 3: Lessons from the Field
  • Session 4: Data-Driven Innovation: Accelerating Upstream O&G
  • Session 5: Gamechangers and the Future of Upstream O&G

Day One: October 16th

8:30-8:35 (5 mins)

Conference Director’s Welcome:

Upstream Intelligence Tom Glover Project Director and Lead Analyst Upstream Intelligence

8:35-8:40 (5 mins)

Chairman’s introduction

Energy Industries Council Stuart Broadley CEO Energy Industries Council

Session 1: Digital Strategy and Leading Change

8:40-9:10 (30 mins)

AkerBP’s Digital Journey: Entrenching Digital Strategy

  • Hear how their change-management strategy has safeguarded their digital investments, reducing operational costs and increasing production efficiency
  • Understand how compulsory data-science training, break-out offices, and Cognite have all contributed to the success of their digital agenda

AkerBP Lars Atle Andersen VP Operations - Technology & Digitalization AkerBP

9:10-9:40 (30 mins)

The Use of Distributed Digital Intelligence in Operational Assets: Practice vs Theory

  • How to scale artificial intelligence across the Edge and the Core in a practical way that produces sustainable value
  • As AI becomes increasingly mainstream, how do we mitigate against a future where the decision-making process is dominated by autonomous AI? Can AI be ‘wrong’?

Dell Technologies Julian Alfred Global Energy Program Lead Dell Technologies

9:40-10:25 (45 mins)

Business Transformation for Delivering on Digital

  • What are the key takeaways from the last 5 years of digital transformation?
  • Learn how leaders in the field are taking a different approach to people: with active upskilling, data science training, and a company-wide digital journey

OGTC Moderator: Stephen Ashley Digital Transformation Solutions Manager OGTC

AkerBP Lars Atle Andersen VP Operations - Technology & Digitalization AkerBP

Stena Colin Dawson Digitalisation & Business Transformation Manager Stena Drilling

Total Niall Rowantree Digital & Data Manager Total

10:25-10:55 (30 mins)

Networking Coffee Break

10:55-11:25 (30 mins)

Total E&P - Digital Strategy

  • Hear how one operator has revolutionised their approach to change management, embedding digital skills within each operational team through proactive offsite retraining
  • Understand how this ground-breaking strategy has faired in the year since its inception - is this the future of digital change management?

Total Yves Le Stunff Digital Officer Total

11:25-12:10 (45 mins)

Delivering Major Projects through Digital: Forging the Path to Full Automation

  • Learn how to execute individual digital projects within a total digital strategy
  • How can remote operations benefit from a synergy of different data-driven solutions under one operational structure?
  • How do we make the leap from individual data-driven solutions to fully automated and remotely managed platforms?

Stepchange Global Moderator: Tony Edwards CEO Stepchange Global

Premier Oil Mike Gill IS Project Manager Premier Oil

IChemE Rory Davin RoW Congress Member IChemE

Baringa Silas O’Dea Partner Baringa

12:10-13:40 (90 mins)


12:40-13:25 (45 mins)

Lunchtime Workshop with tieto

  • How the compositional wellstream can produce consistent history matched reservoir simulation

Tieto Mohammad Faiz Hoda Senior Business Consultant Tieto

Session 2: Data-Driven Technology for the Low-Carbon Transition

13:40-14:10 (30 mins)

The Role of Data-Driven Technology in the Low Carbon Transition

  • An introduction to the OGTC’s Net Zero Solutions Centre, use cases
  • How can we best synergies investments into new technologies and those that reduce operational footprint?

OGTC Martyn Tulloch Net Zero Solutions Centre Manager OGTC

14:10-14:40 (30 mins)

Industrial digitalization as a driver for innovation and improvements within operations and maintenance

Bernt from the Integrated Operations Centre (IOC) at Equinor is going to present his vision on using digital technology to proactively support producing units to increase production, reduce emissions and avoid equipment breakdowns.

  • Operating model and example of deliveries so far
  • Proactive support in the reducation of production bottlenecks
  • Next generation digital technologies for condition monitoring and prediction of equipment health

Equinor Martin Friis Strømsvik Product Owner, Integrated Operations Centre Equinor

14:40-15:25 (45 mins)

Digital Transformation and Vision 2035: The Future of Upstream in the UK

  • Learn how the upstream industry can upskill their current workforce in preparation for the 10,000 new digital roles on the horizon
  • With the increasing necessity of digital skills for O&G operations, hear how soft data skills are being embedded within the education system and how meta-skill requirements will create a more digitally savvy future workforce
  • Understand how the digital transformation of upstream O&G leaves the UK CS at the competitive edge for a generation and prepared for the energy transition

Energy Industries Council Moderator: Stuart Broadley CEO Energy Industries Council

The Data Lab Cameron Gordon Business Development Executive The Data Lab

Skills Development Scotland Jennifer MacDonald Sector Development and Skills Planning Manager Skills Development Scotland

Opito Rachel Elliott Policy Manager Opito

Robert Gordon Uni John McCall Director of Smart Technologies Centre Robert Gordon University

15:25-15:55 (30 mins)

Networking Coffee Break

Session 3: Lessons from the Field

15:55-16:40 (45 mins)

Digital Oilfield & IT/OT Convergence: Successful Delivery of Real DDP/DOF/IoT Projects

We will discuss specifics on what we are seeing in the market around successful delivery of DDP/DOF/IoT projects. In addition, we will have an open discussion and Q&A session on past-current-future best practices in these type projects that can be applied today to decrease risk and improve operations buy-in to ultimately increase the probability of success. 

  • What are the current macro and micro trends we are seeing in the market around DDP/DOF/IoT Projects?
  • Are companies being successful in their delivery? Why or why not?
  • What are some best practices that we have observed (even maybe discuss some worst practices!)?
  • After all is said and done, what are the 2-3 critical areas for successful delivery and sustainability of DDP/DOF/IoT Projects?
  • Since the panel members are very experienced Digital Oilfield experts, we will also discuss lessons learned from DOF projects since CERA’s first DOF sessions in early 2000’s and how to apply to today’s technology and projects

DELL Technologies Moderator: Chris Lenzsch Solutions Architect DELL Technologies

Stepchange Global Tony Edwards CEO Stepchange Global

Arundo Analytics Piers Wells VP Sales and Delivery Arundo Analytics

Wipro Helen Ratcliffe Consulting Partner Wipro

16:40-17:10 (30 mins)

Full Asset Digital Twins: Live Demonstration

  • Learn how one company have reimagined digital twins to allow full asset visualisation, delivering significant cost savings across an asset’s lifecycle
  • Understand how asset visualisation can reduce frequency of field visits, save significant project engineering time, improve safety by keeping workers out of the field, and lower the cost of training through immersive VR

Exxonmobil Moderator: Keir Halewood Business Support Advisor Exxonmobil

ZynQ360 Brian Milne Technical Director ZynQ360

Day Two: October 17th

9:00-9:10 (10 mins)

Conference Director’s Welcome:

Upstream Intelligence Tom Glover Project Director and Lead Analyst Upstream Intelligence

Session 4: Data-Driven Innovation: Accelerating Upstream O&G

9:10-9:40 (30 mins)

Formulating a Data Trust: Industry Collaboration for Unlocking the True Power of Data

  • Hear how the OGA and OGTC plan on taking data-driven solutions to the next level, through an industry wide “data trust”, allowing the entire supply-chain the tools for game-changing deep learning and big data analyses
  • Learn how the tools garnered for the supply-chain could be extrapolated beyond the UK CS, maximising the economic recovery of global offshore reservoirs

OGTC Stephen Ashley Digital Transformation Solutions Manager OGTC

9:40-10:10 (30 mins)

Breaking Down Silos: IT Strategy to Unlock Data’s Full Value

  • What does a total data management strategy look like?
  • Hear how you can maximise the value of your data by integrating it into a fully accessible system

Prediktor AS Espen Krogh CEO Prediktor AS

Prediktor AS Morten Enholm CMO Prediktor AS

10:10-10:40 (45 mins)

Data-Driven Innovations: The Acceleration of Upstream O&G

  • The digital transformation as more than change Management, maximising the value of data across upstream operations
  • Breaking down silos and seeing data across the entire well lifecycle, thereby maximising ‘ROD’ (return on data)
  • How improved standards and data collaboration, open source or otherwise, can drive data-driven innovation

Energistics Dave Wallis Senior Advisor Energistics

Wood Jason Payne Global Emerging Solutions Lead, AI & Advanced Analytics Wood

Peloton Emeka Victor Onyekwere Business Development Manager Peloton

10:40-10:55 (15 mins)

Digital Project Delivery Framework: Lessons from Shell

Shell Adnan Kasem Principal Digital Project Engineer Shell

10:55-11:25 (30 mins)

Networking Coffee Break

11:25-11:55 (30 mins)

The Plumbing of the Digital Transformation

  • Empower your workforce to find the relevant data
  • Understand how deploying physics-ml hybrid models to maximise the value of data in upstream O&G

Cognite AS Petter Jacob Jacobsen Head of Oil & Gas Cognite AS

11:55-12:25 (30 mins)

Solution Seeker Presentation

Applying Machine Learning on Production Data for Production Optimization: No Silver Bullet Software to Install

  • The digital opportunities for improved production performance at oil & gas fields demands a trained eye to be discovered, and it needs tailoring to be captured. Due to their uniqueness, there is no silver bullet software to install.
  • The presenter will elaborate on the following necessary delivery components that are essential for capturing value; i) AI platform-as-a-service, ii) Production data cleaning and ML model maintenance-as-service, iii) MVP laboratory-as-a-service, iv) Production data science and analysis services, and v) digital opportunity workshops

Solution Seeker Vidar Gunnerud CEO Solution Seeker

12:25-12:55 (30 mins)

Sword Presentation

The Digital Wave: Are you surfing or drowning?

  • This is supposed to be great, but why does it feel so difficult?
  • Performance measurement & moving from experiments to digital-by-design

Sword Neale Stidolph Head of Information Management Sword

12:55-14:25 (90 mins)

Networking Lunch Break

Session 5: Gamechangers and the Future of Upstream O&G

14:25-15:55 (90 mins)

Interactive Technology Showcase: The Gamechangers in Oil & Gas

  • In this session we’ll showcase the latest and greatest in technological innovations in digital oil & gas. You’ll hear quick-fire TED talk style presentations from start-up companies outlining their technology and how it will shake up the industry!
  • Our specialist judging panel will then provide feedback based off the presentations, offering insight into what they liked and what they’d like to see improved
  • Offer your feedback too through our interactive Q&A app, where we’ll be polling and showing your feedback to the whole audience!

Moderator: Sandy PetrieConsultant Petroleum Engineer Left Field Associates Ltd

Landmark - Halliburton Mike Scott Industry Solutions Advisor Landmark - Halliburton

Shell Judith Wallace IM Lead - UK Upstream Operated Assets Shell

Premier Oil Ewen Robertson Production Technology Advisor Premier Oil

Toumetis Pitching Companies: Toumetis

LlamaZOO Pitching Companies: LlamaZOO

White Space Energy Pitching Companies: White Space Energy

Engage Mobilize Pitching Companies: Engage Mobilize

data gumbo Pitching Companies: Data Gumbo

15:55-16:55 (60 mins)

Networking Drinks

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