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The World’s Largest

Data Driven Oil & Gas Conference

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Where Silicon Valley Meets Oil and Gas

Renowned as the most significant global meeting place for data driven upstream professionals, this is where they meet to learn, network and do business.

In June 2019 we welcomed 750+ upstream professionals within the digital transformation, data collection, management & integration, analytics & predictive maintenance, E&P automation & control systems, change management and drilling optimization wishing to tackle core challenges with world-class experts, hear about the latest disruptive technologies, and to meet and form partnerships with new and existing clients and customers.

The market now eagerly anticipates #DDDP2020 – are you ready to join the world’s largest data driven oil and gas summit?

2019’s All-Star Line-Up Included:

  • Kentaro Kawamori
    Chesapeake Energy
    Kentaro Kawamori Chief Digital Officer
    Chesapeake Energy
  • Johan Krebbers
    Johan Krebbers VP IT Innovation and GM Emerging Digital Technologies
  • Reza Khaninezhad
    Apache Corporation
    Reza Khaninezhad Senior Data Scientist
    Apache Corporation
  • Jarle Husebø
    Jarle Husebø Leader Digital Business Solutions
  • Ramy Eid
    Ramy Eid (invited) Head of E&P Digital Portfolio
  • Dingzhou Cao
    Dingzhou Cao Data Science Manager, Fleet Performance Optimization
  • David Tong
    David Tong Big Data / Advanced Analytics Strategist
  • Travis Stephenson
    Devon Energy
    Travis Stephenson Production Engineer SMR Data Analytics
    Devon Energy
  • Alicia Jachmich
    Marathon Oil
    Alicia Jachmich Organizational Change Management Lead - Digital Field Technology
    Marathon Oil
  • Andrew Nobbay
    Occidental Oil and Gas
    Andrew Nobbay Finance Director - Performance Improvement
    Occidental Petroleum
  • Priya Aswani
    Priya Aswani Technical Intelligent Cloud Business Strategy Leader for Data and AI
  • Kahina Ahddeli Galienier
    Kahina Abdeli-Galinier SIS VP Marketing
  • David Holmes
    Dell EMC
    David Holmes CTO
    Dell EMC
  • Robello Samuel
    Robello Samuel Chief Technical Advisor & Drilling Fellow
  • Glenn Klimchuk
    Glenn Klimchuk VP Operational Certainty Consultancy
See the 2019 speaker line-up here

Minimize Downtime, Enhance Safety and Deliver Digital Transformation

  • The Future Vision for Oil & Gas – The Digital Transformation:

    Create a culture of change in upstream O&G which truly fosters digitalization

  • Accelerate, Automate & Optimize:

    Witness real-time support technology, measurement & downhole edge capability innovation to improve well placement accuracy and minimize personnel exposure

  • Analytics & Predictive Maintenance:

    Wield new automated and integrated systems to dramatically reduce downtime and OPEX at scale

  • Data Driven Drilling Optimization:

    The low-down on drilling automation, smart drilling systems, robotics, technology & the skills required to adopt digital technologies

  • Data Collection, Management & Integration:

    Drive efficiency gains across operational units by improving data availability, utility & visualization

Check out the 2019 agenda here

Renowned as the most significant global meeting place for data driven operators and oil companies, the 2019 event had an industry-leading 40% operator attendance ratio. Below is a sample of the companies that attended in 2019

  • 19+Attendees
    Marathon Oil

    19+ attendees including:

    • IT Manager Digital Strategies
    • Director Digital Field Technology
    • Digital Oilfield Manager
    • IT Manager Operations
    • Advisor to the CEO
  • 16+Attendees

    16+ attendees including:

    • Data Science Team Lead
    • Team Lead Data Science Analytics
    • Manager Operations Performance
    • Upstream Advisor Digital Innovation
    • Project Manager Data Driven Decision Process Optimization
  • 11+Attendees

    11+ attendees including:

    • GM Global Production
    • Manager Analytics Program
    • Manager Technology Value Optimization
    • Manager Operations Excellence & Facility Engineering
    • Lead SR Data Architect
  • 8+Attendees

    8+ attendees including:

    • Data Science Manager
    • Engineering Manager
    • Geoscience Manager AAET
    • Data Services Manager
    • Sr Drilling Engineer
  • 8+Attendees
    Chesapeake Energy

    8+ attendees including:

    • VP Drilling
    • Chief Digital Officer
    • Sr Director Operations Technology
    • Director Intelligence Well Delivery
    • IT Manager Enterprise Data Technology, Big Data & BI
  • 8+Attendees

    8+ attendees including:

    • Head of Digital Portfolio
    • Operations Lead
    • Enabling Technology Team Lead
    • Director Geoscience Technology
    • Production Engineer
  • 6+Attendees

    6+ attendees including:

    • Manager Infrastructure
    • Drilling Engineer
    • Engineering Advisor, QA Advisor
    • Snr Data Analyst
  • 6+Attendees
    Noble Energy

    6+ attendees including:

    • Chief Information Security Officer
    • Business Analytics Team Lead
    • Project Manager Operations Technology
    • Project Manager, Snr Manager Business Analytics
  • 6+Attendees

    6+ attendees including:

    • GM Interpretation Technology
    • Team Lead Wells Technology Automation
    • GM Digital Enabling Technologies
    • Regional Manager and GameChanger
    • Manager Hydrocarbon Search Engine Technolohy
  • 5+Attendees

    5+ attendees including:

    • Data Management Lead
    • Control Room Manager Production
    • Sr Data Scientist
    • Control Center/Logistics Manager
    • Business Intelligence Analyst
Sponsor or Exhibit at DDDP 2020

Exclusive Workshops for 2019

11 June: Breakfast WorkshopIotium

Sponsored and hosted by: IoTium

Navigating the Digital Journey: Best Practices & Avoiding the Pitfalls

Hosted by: Dave Lafferty, Oil & Gas Consultant, IoTium

A recent Cisco survey states that 75% of IoT projects fail. Why?

This session will include a discussion where we will share best practices and lessons learned from companies who have successfully navigated the digital journey, and others who have struggled.

What are the best practices of the successful 25%? In this session we will share:

  • Pitfalls that threaten successful digital transformation implementation efforts
  • How to overcome organizational and cultural barriers to change
  • Best practices of some of the world's most advanced digital oil and gas producers

Exclusive Workshops for 2019

11 June: Lunchtime WorkshopIotium

Sponsored and hosted by: QRI

Integrated Reservoir Management & Augmented AI: A practical synthesis of Automation, AI and Expertise for maximum value creation in O&G

Hosted by: David Castiñeira, CTO, QRI

Learn how we are building an intelligent, multidisciplinary and integrated solution for reservoir management and value creation in O&G. Our solution, which heavily relies in data-driven and analytical methods, leverages automation techniques, advanced AI frameworks and expert-based knowledge in a very systematic and practical way.

We are not discussing one single technology. We are rather proposing a seamless integration of multiple proprietary technologies into one single reservoir management platform. Ultimately this will address the complex problem of optimizing field operations and field development planning while respecting fundamental tenets of reservoir management.

See real-life use cases in action in Latin America and Middle East fields.

Who should show up?

  • Executives & Managers to see integrated technologies to resolve reservoir management and optimum field development planning challenges
  • Energy industry professionals to learn how to combine analytical and AI frameworks with expertise for their O&G fields
  • Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Data Analysts, and Programmers to learn how to automatically deal with the idiosyncrasies of real/messy O&G data to extract patterns, correlations and trends from that dataBest practices of some of the world's most advanced digital oil and gas producers

Topics: #ReservoirManagement, #AugmentedAI, #Automation, #ValueCreation #DigitalTransformation #AdvancedAnalytics


We will structure our presentation into five parts:

  1. Proposed workflow for integrated reservoir management in O&G
  2. Functionalities for automated data pre-processing (capable of parsing pdf D&C reports, well logs, geological models, reservoir/well production data, etc)
  3. Systems for reservoir analytics and reservoir diagnostics.
  4. Technologies and solutions for well and reservoir optimization (using a combination of data-driven workflows with expert-based knowledge).
  5. Augmented AI, field development planning and value creation.

Where Silicon Valley Meets Oil & Gas

This is the go-to meeting point for gamechangers, disruptors and innovators to showcase, AI, machine learning, VR, drones, wearables and other new technologies. The conference is designed to celebrate innovation in a number of ways:

Shark tank session
Watch shark tank style pitches from the hottest innovators in the space to investment experts from Saudi Aramco and more
New 1-2-1 meeting zone
For the first time the exhibition will feature a dedicated 1-2-1 meeting zone and a conference meeting app so attendees can have key meetings with prospective clients
Double the exhibitors
Due to unprecedented demand the exhibition area has doubled in size, with interactive booths already confirmed from the likes of Dell EMC, Baker Hughes GE, & Wood
New VIP networking zone
Dedicated area within the expo for VIP attendees to exclusively network with operators, featuring food & drink stations and comfy seating throughout the conference
Insight from the biggest tech names in the game
On the main stage hear from the likes of Dell EMC, Baker Hughes GE, eLynx, Siemens, and more on how tech giants are solving the biggest challenges in oil & gas operations
Sponsor or Exhibit at DDDP 2020

40% Operator Attendance in 2019, Attendees included:

Operating companies

  • anadarko
    Antero Resources
    Caerus Oil and Gas
  • cepsa
    continental resources
  • Devon-Energy
  • Gastar
    JX Nippon
  • Marathon-oil
  • Petrofac
    rebellion energy
    Reliance Holdings
  • sanchez
  • Tokyo-Gas-America
    Whiting Oil & Gas
    WPX Energy
    XTO Energy
    Zone Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas Service Companies

  • schlumberger
  • halliburton
  • technipfmc
  • SBM-Offshore
  • Bureau Veritas
  • mathworks
  • rigup
  • Stress Engineering Services

Global Tech Firms

  • Microsoft
  • dell-emc
  • Redhat
  • accenture
  • PWC
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • SchneiderElectric
  • ABB


  • wipro
  • data-gumbo
  • Energy Data Innovation Network
  • mobotix
  • ambiyiny
  • talend
  • intelie

DDDP2019 is about Quality, not quantity

It might feel like DDDP 2019 is all about scale. But quality is the key to attendance. We design our program with in-depth feedback from everyone involved at each stage of the digital transformation.

See what people told us in their feedback:

  • WellAware

    "DDDP 2018 was a smashing success - especially with the great operator attendance and involvement. This is the "Digital Event" of the year"

    - WellAware
  • "This is the must attend conference for any operator interested in implementing the Digital Oilfield for their organization"

    - Prestonwood Energy
  • Lewis Energy

    "DDDP gave us a sense of where we are as company and what we need to develop to fully unlock the potential of our data and systems"

    - Lewis Energy
  • Stress Engineering Services, Inc.

    "It's the go-to conference for digitalization in the Oil & Gas industry"

    - Stress Engineering Services, Inc.
  • "For anyone interested in the digital transformation in the upstream oil & gas industry, this is the show for you"

    - FE Media, Oil & Gas Engineering

2019 Sponsors Already Confirmed:

Headline Sponsor

  • dell emc

Diamond Sponsors

  • Baker-Hughes

Platinum Sponsors

  • Microsoft
  • schlumberger

Gold Sponsors

  • Iotium
  • mobideo
  • Redhat
  • Seeq

Silver Sponsors

  • Beyond Limits
  • Intinfotech
  • mapR
  • omnisci
  • Timescale

Production Track Sponsor

  • P2

Workshop Sponsors

  • Iotium
  • QRI

Badges & Lanyards Sponsor

  • Halliburton

Tech Showcase Pitches

  • Engage-M
  • The-Energy-Data-group
  • pandata-tech


  • accenture
  • ambiyint
  • Baker-Hughes
  • Beyond Limits
  • cloudera
  • Confluent
  • Datastax
  • dell emc
  • Denodo
  • eData-Viz
  • EFT Analytics
  • eMan
  • epam
  • Evolution Energy Technologies
  • Falkonry
  • IADD
  • indigo beam
  • infoworks
  • Infrastructure Networks
  • intelie
  • Iotium
  • Kronos
  • Lavoro
  • maana
  • MemSQL
  • Microsoft
  • mobideo
  • mobotix
  • Mongo DB
  • netapp
  • Oilfield-Data-Services
  • omnisci
  • The open group
  • P2
  • peloton
  • pyramid-analytics
  • RtChex
  • Redhat
  • schlumberger
  • SchneiderElectric
  • Seeq
  • Signal Fire
  • SparkCognition
  • Stress Engineering Services, Inc.
  • Talend
  • Timescale
  • verdazo
  • wipro
  • wiserock
  • zededa

Industry Partners

  • Stepchange

Media Partners

  • AAPG
  • AIPG
  • EOG
  • E&P mag
  • Offshore Engineer
  • O&G Engineering
  • OGM
  • Oil IT Journal

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