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2019 Agenda Highlights:

Live technology showcase - ‘shark tank’ style Live technology showcase -
‘shark tank’ style
Maintenance & Reliability Live
operator demos
Shutdowns & Turnarounds Day long drilling track supported by IADD
Interactive cybersecurity workshop 4 Interactive
Technology zone - try out the latest gadgets Technology zone - try out the latest gadgets
New networking breakfast Networking

It’s clear that if oil & gas companies want to grow market share and be competitive, they need to understand and implement data driven production methods…and fast.

At DDDP, over 50 of the world's leading data driven experts will share insights and solutions that are being used to drive the digital revolution in oil and gas. Whether you're looking to hear from leading operating companies, innovative tech start-ups, global tech giants or household oil and gas service companies, DDDP has it all.

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  • Plenary Session
  • Session 1: The Digital Transformation & Future of Oil & Gas
  • Session 2: Case Studies - Digital in the Field and on the Rig
  • Session 3: Data Collection, Management & Integration
  • Session 4: Cutting Edge Innovation
  • Production Track: Accelerate, Automate & Optimize
  • Drilling Track: Data Driven Optimization

Plenary Session - Where Silicon Valley Meets Oil & Gas

Session 1: The Digital Transformation & Future of Oil & Gas

The Future Vision for Data

  • Hear from leaders in the technology field on the future vision for data analytics & digital solutions, and what’s next for oil & gas
  • Discuss the best time for the adoption of a significant new technology paradigm & how associated organizational challenges can be counteracted
  • Incorporate a tech company mindset within oil & gas companies to enable game-changing technologies to drive new business models

Adoption Challenges for the Digital Transformation

  • Assess the progress the oil & gas industry have made towards their goals for the digital oilfield, discussing if companies are taking a strategic or tactical approach
  • Understand the elements which are critical to the successful adoption of digital oilfield solutions
  • Recognize major barriers to adoption and how companies are overcoming them

Creating a Value Proposition for Data Analytics

  • Hear best practices on establishing a business case for data analytics including demonstrating ROI and understanding what’s possible for analytics in E&P operations
  • Gauge the importance of a gaining a full understanding of the business problem that needs to be solved and where sophisticated analytics can help to ensure support is secured from upper management

Leading Change & Digital Transformation

  • Learn how to create a culture that fosters digitalization through a clear vision and articulation of new ways of working
  • Hear from leading thinkers from Marathon & Oxy on overcoming the organizational and cultural barriers to change
  • Understand the impact that stakeholder attitudes and orientation can have on a company’s ability to deliver on digital strategy  

Culture / Leadership / People

  • Between here and Silicon Valley: discuss the culture of the future for the upstream industry
  • Hear from industry leader at Equinor on the shift required within oil & gas companies to move towards true leadership and the next steps that must be taken by E&P executives
  • Recognize the need for oil & gas to create a cultural, industrial and company-wide change that diversifies the talent pool to truly adopt a future transformation  

Session 2: Case Studies - Digital in the Field and on the Rig

Operator Live-Demonstrations

  • Witness live-demonstrations from multinational oil companies and understand how they are implementing digital oilfield technologies across their assets
  • Hear about technology implementation examples in different size organizations and different locations across a wide variety of asset types
  • Understand how operators have optimized field resources, integrated automation tools and optimized production efficiencies

Equinor’s Approach: A New Level of Data Integration

  • Hear how Equinor is increasing their level of data integration allowing for integrating machine learning, predictive maintenance & management by exception
  • See how leveraging data can allow for more value based operational decisions
  • Hear insights from change management, technology development, operational and data science perspectives on this new level of data integration

IT/OT Convergence: A Cross-Industry Update on Effective Solution Delivery

  • Hear from leading thinkers at ConocoPhillips, Dell EMC and Arundo to understand what is needed for effective integrated IT/OT solutions delivery
  • Recognize the new outcomes which have emerged from Operating Companies for effective delivery of these solutions
  • Recognize what's new in the IT product space for effective installation & delivery, & the business impact on value and efficiency

Session 3: Data Collection, Management & Integration

What’s Next for Data Standards?

  • Understand how data governance frameworks can support AI and machine learning in order to optimize field production
  • Get the inside track on implementing data governance standards for specific data types and understand lessons learned to overcome common challenges that are encountered
  • Hear examples of applications of data standards and understand the additional benefits that data standards can bring

OT/IT Infrastructure

  • Hear about the latest ways to get field data that avoids going through operating technology infrastructure, using IOT and the cloud where connectivity is lacking
  • Recognize the challenges created by the integration of IT and OT, the different requirements of each system and the importance of budgeting for both types of network security
  • Better understand how secure the cloud is and the importance of overcoming the lack of trust of the internet  

See Data as an Enterprise Asset

  • Get the latest on the revolution around data management
  • Understand the benefits of seeing data as an enterprise asset and breaking down data silos through standardization
  • Recognize how seeing data as an enterprise asset can limit data-sprawl and the complexity, duplication and additional cost for redundant data sets

Session 4: Cutting Edge Innovation

Shark-Tank Style Technology Showcase

  • Witness live-demonstrations of the technology making data driven operating models a reality from the hottest innovators in the digital sphere
  • Be the judge of the latest cutting-edge technologies in this live ‘Shark-Tank’ style debate where pioneers in technology share future possibilities for the oil & gas industry
  • Hear our expert panel members including Saudi Aramco Energy Services judge ahead-of-the-curve technologies and discuss which are the best-bets to accelerate, optimize and automate

Bringing Proven Technology to Oilfield Automation

  • Understand how to combine proven and leading-edge technologies with oilfield automation to streamline operations
  • Understand how other industries are using advanced automation systems which include analytics, knowledge-based systems, expert systems, AI, robotics, wireless technology and machine vision
  • Recognize how these technologies can be implemented to optimize oilfield production

Production Track: Accelerate, Automate & Optimize

Fitting Technologies into Production Efficiency Initiatives

  • Get the latest on how advances within IOT, AI & machine learning fits in with the industry’s overall drive for production efficiency and how this varies between operators
  • Understand how technology advances are helping operators support other projects which are currently underway to improve efficiencies and how they are maximizing production efficiencies
  • Leverage the power of machine learning to optimize your field operations by identifying and acting on opportunities

How Best to Utilize Digital Analytics: In House vs. Outsourcing?

  • Understand the drivers behind the decision to complete digital analytics in-house or to outsource it and the value proposition of each
  • Recognize the common challenges faced when implementing high-order digital analytics models and how best to overcome these
  • Get the inside track on accessing bigger data sets and extrapolating data to better utilize digital analytics tools

Machine Learning Implementation

  • Recognize how to implement machine learning solutions effectively in the E&P industry including interoperability with other systems
  • Recognize recent applications of machine learning used for communications and remote satellite sensing
  • Hear examples of successful outcomes from machine learning implementation in oil & gas operations and the ROI achieved and learn how to translate data sets into actionable insights

Process Automation through Edge Computing

  • Understand how we can automate processes through edge computing and recognize where it can interface with DCS to help automate and remove as much human interface as possible
  • Identify extensions to the current edge computing model which have the potential to enhance the functionality of devices and how we can put computing power into the field
  • Understand how to get evolving architecture and computing power into the field and how this will change as we move edge computing from the cloud into the field

Building a Cyber-Security Framework in an Evolving Market

  • Recognize the importance of implementing robust cyber-security systems for critical and sensitive data as soon as possible when implementing data driven techniques
  • Discuss how a cyber-security framework can be developed and implemented in an immature, evolving market to mitigate risk
  • Hear how A-Z road maps of security implementation are being developed to implement security best practice

Offshore Technologies: A Future Vision for Onshore?

  • Understand how offshore can be seen as a breeding ground for technologies which will be used in onshore operations for years to come
  • Hear about the latest advancements in oil spill monitoring
  • Hear about the latest technologies being used offshore including new technical elements in floating drilling vessels

Drilling Track: Data Driven Optimization

Drilling Automation & Control Systems

  • Hear from leading operators on how they are improving decision making using new downhole edge capabilities, real-time support technology and IoT to improve data collection, transmission and analysis
  • How automated drilling is improving efficiency by supporting enhanced direction and depth control and the benefits of measurement while drill well logging
  • How downhole sensor and telemetry innovation can improve decision making during drilling operations

Safety Lifecycle Management

  • Recognize how to manage automation without compromising safety in harsh drilling environments
  • Reduce accidents, minimize downtime and improve drilling efficiency using integrated communications, visualization and interpretation
  • Develop effective data driven intervention strategies to reduce risks during operations and improve HSE management

Intelligence for Drones: Automated Rig Inspections

  • Get the low-down on getting intelligence to drone technologies to complete safe, automated rig inspections
  • Reduce the requirement for manual inspection tasks and responding to incidents and alarms that have come in through the DCS or SCADA systems to save on time and cost
  • Recognize the potential benefits of placing additional sensors on drones and their integration with SCADA systems to increase operator productivity

Drilling Smarter = Drilling Faster

  • Get the low-down on the latest intelligent tools and technologies for drilling and smart drilling systems to add value whilst minimizing uncertainty
  • Understand how advances in AI, IOT and machine learning can support operators in O&G and reduce non-productive time associated with drilling fluid losses and mitigate downhole tool failures from slugging
  • Recognize the importance of design, analysis, equipment selection and implementation being aligned and supported with optimal operational expertise to harmonize early well life

Integrated Drilling Data Collection & Analysis

  • Debottleneck data processing to improve decision making speed, operational ability and drilling accuracy in the field
  • Understand how operators, contractors and the supply chain can use better data standards models to improve communications and cut drilling times
  • Optimize blowout preventer performance by adding cloud-based analytics

Interoperability & Standards

  • Recognize the standards which can be implemented to make digital drilling really plug & play
  • Discuss the trade-offs between data capture/processing at the edge and AI/Machine learning analysis in the cloud, especially during the well construction phase

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