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2019 Agenda Highlights:

Live technology showcase - ‘shark tank’ style Live technology showcase -
‘shark tank’ style
Maintenance & Reliability Live
operator demos
Shutdowns & Turnarounds Day long drilling track supported by IADD
Interactive cybersecurity workshop 4 Interactive
Technology zone - try out the latest gadgets Technology zone - try out the latest gadgets
New networking breakfast Networking

It’s clear that if oil & gas companies want to grow market share and be competitive, they need to understand and implement data driven production methods…and fast.

At DDDP, over 50 of the world's leading data driven experts will share insights and solutions that are being used to drive the digital revolution in oil and gas. Whether you're looking to hear from leading operating companies, innovative tech start-ups, global tech giants or household oil and gas service companies, DDDP has it all.

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Conference Day One: June 11th

Plenary Session: Where Silicon Valley Meets Oil & Gas

Digital Transformation in Oil & Gas: The Allure of Industry 4.0 and the Necessary Step to 3.5 First

  • Many Oil & Gas companies are struggling to scale digital initiatives. Understand the cause for this, including misalignments across IT, OT, and Operations strategies (examples of Gartner survey metrics)
  • Recognize the need for IT teams to undergo their own transformation in order to scale corporate digital initiatives beyond the pilot phase (including IT specific transformation statistics, e.g. modern integrations, journey to cloud)
  • Key technology domains such as IIoT and AI are still in their early days; understand the strong IT leadership required to navigate the complexity of the landscape

Chesapeake Energy Kentaro Kawamori Chief Digital Officer Chesapeake Energy

The Future Vision for Data

  • Hear from leaders in the technology field on the future vision for data analytics & digital solutions, and what’s next for oil & gas
  • Discuss the best time for the adoption of a significant new technology paradigm & how associated organizational challenges can be counteracted
  • Incorporate a tech company mindset within oil & gas companies to enable game-changing technologies to drive new business models

Stepchange Consulting Moderator: Tony Edwards CEO Stepchange Consulting

ConocoPhillips Ed Connelly GM Production ConocoPhillips

Microsoft Priya Aswani Technical Intelligent Cloud Business Strategy Leader for Data and AI Microsoft

Equinor Jim Claunch VP Operations Excellence Equinor

Steve Benn Director of Applied Technology Future Industries Institute

Equinor Jim Claunch VP Operations Excellence Equinor

Endeavor Management Randy Krotowski Advisor Endeavor Management

Scaling AI for Oil and Gas: Insights Across the Enterprise

  • Understand the challenge of traditional data modeling techniques in O&G operations, from silos across engineers and operators to data repositories, and the resulting problem of data insights that are delivered too late and without being replicable
  • Learn how cloud-based advanced analytics such as AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning techniques are being used to scale intelligence for operators across an enterprise, enabling engineers more time for higher-level tasks and simplifying action prioritization for operators
  • Hear about AI frameworks and how these technologies can be used by organizations across every stage of digital transformation, from those with in-house data science teams to those deploying packaged enterprise applications

BHGE Binu Mathew Head of Digital Products BHGE

Culture / Leadership / People

  • Between here and Silicon Valley: discuss the culture of the future for the upstream industry
  • Hear from industry leader at Equinor on the shift required within oil & gas companies to move towards true leadership and the next steps that must be taken by E&P executives
  • Recognize the need for oil & gas to create a cultural, industrial and company-wide change that diversifies the talent pool to truly adopt a future transformation  

Equinor Jim Claunch VP Operations Excellence Equinor

“Automation Animation”: Marathon’s Digital Oilfield Automation Journey

  • Recognize the progression of digital oilfield (DOF) equipment for a well and field, and how it builds on itself for new value opportunities
  • Recognize the increasing value proposition, particularly as Marathon wells have enjoyed DOF automation for multiple years, and see how DOF automation has solved Marathon’s largest field cost and HES business drivers
  • Learn about Marathon’s transition to a more autonomous, data driven well solution model vs. a traditional set-point well control model
  • *BONUS MATERIAL* Update on Marathon’s three-year journey to expand a standardized DOF model across Marathon’s four primary shale assets, as well as a bevy of lessons learned from the ongoing experience

Marathon Oil Rick O’Brien DOF Project Manager Marathon Oil

Marathon Oil Doug Johnson Automation, Optimization & Analytics Strategies Marathon Oil

Marathon Oil Sarah Renko Control Center Supervisor - Oklahoma Asset Team Marathon Oil

Equinor’s Approach: A New Level of Data Integration

  • Hear how Equinor is increasing their level of data integration allowing for integrating machine learning, predictive maintenance & management by exception
  • See how leveraging data can allow for more value based operational decisions
  • Hear insights from change management, technology development, operational and data science perspectives on this new level of data integration

Equinor Jarle Husebø Leader Digital Business Solutions Equinor

Equinor Clay Parish Production Optimizer Unconventionals Equinor

Accenture Adam Walton Digital Strategy Senior Manager Accenture

Accenture Anant Sharma Business Strategy Manager Accenture

Rethinking Collaboration

  • Realize the power in digital transformation to create value through new business models and solutions, and the widespread opportunities for businesses to thrive
  • Understand the importance of sharing expertise – in open collaboration – to fully realize the promise of the digital future
  • Through an open digital environment, learn how to combine the diverse perspectives and experiences of all industry players, empowering our industry to improve workflows, automate labor-intensive processes, make strides towards the elimination of hazards, and develop new ways of upscaling and innovating across the enterprise
  • Enable a progressive multi-faceted conversation for all organizations and stakeholders to identify and frame E&P challenges and drive real solutions. Through this universal partnership, we will achieve the monumental change required to deliver the best future for us all

Schlumberger Kahina Abdeli-Galinier SIS VP Marketing Schlumberger

IT/OT Convergence: A Cross-Industry Update on Effective Solution Delivery

  • Hear from leading thinkers at ConocoPhillips, Dell EMC and Arundo to understand what is needed for effective integrated IT/OT solutions delivery
  • Recognize the new outcomes which have emerged from Operating Companies for effective delivery of these solutions
  • Recognize what's new in the IT product space for effective installation & delivery, & the business impact on value and efficiency

Dell EMC Chris Lenzsch Solutions Architect Dell EMC

ConocoPhillips Andy Flowers Manager Analytics Program Development ConocoPhillips

Arundo Cody Falcon VP Product Arundo

Shark-Tank Style Technology Showcase

  • Witness live-demonstrations of the technology making data driven operating models a reality from the hottest innovators in the digital sphere
  • Be the judge of the latest cutting-edge technologies in this live ‘Shark-Tank’ style debate where pioneers in technology share future possibilities for the oil & gas industry
  • Hear our expert panel members including Saudi Aramco Energy Services judge ahead-of-the-curve technologies and discuss which are the best-bets to accelerate, optimize and automate

+ A sea change in O&G digital: how can the integration and delivery of data make operations more profitable? – The Energy Data Group

+ How Digital Field Management Will Impact Your Business and Our Industry – Engage Mobilize

Judging panel:

Saudi Aramco EV Anupam Singh Investment Principal Saudi Aramco EV

Repsol Ramy Eid Head of E&P Digital Portfolio Repsol

Apache Corporation Reza Khaninezhad Senior Data Scientist Apache Corporation

Pitching Companies:

Wiserock Software Brock Meyer CEO Wiserock Software

The Energy Data Group Charles Ro Founder/CEO The Energy Data Group

Engage Mobilize Rob Ratchinsky Founder & CEO Engage Mobilize

Conference Day Two: June 12th

Production Track

Drilling Track

AAPG & AIPG The Digital Subsurface Workshop

Adoption Challenges for the Digital Transformation

  • Assess the progress the oil & gas industry have made towards their goals for the digital oilfield, discussing if companies are taking a strategic or tactical approach
  • Understand the elements which are critical to the successful adoption of digital oilfield solutions
  • Recognize major barriers to adoption and how companies are overcoming them

Reflections Data Consulting Moderator: Jim Crompton Director Reflections Data Consulting

Chesapeake Energy Alexander Klebanov Senior Data Scientist Chesapeake Energy

Steve Benn Director of Applied Technology Future Industries Institute

MapR Executive Speaker TBC MapR

Anadarko’s Real-Time Drilling (RTD) Journey

  • Get Anadarko’s learnings from the evolution of their original RTD analytics system to their current integrated RTD ecosystem
  • See a Live-Demo of the web-based user interface and case studies on user adoption and integration driving business value
  • See the tailored RTD digital transformation applications, addressing data-flow issues and enabling real-time, automated, physics-based model calculation
  • See the Complex Event Processing-powered plug and play RTD analytics system

Anadarko Dingzhou Cao Staff Data Scientist Anadarko

Anadarko Yuxing Ben Staff Data Scientist Anadarko

Anadarko Chris James Sr. Drilling Engineer Anadarko

Anadarko Kate Ruddy Sr. Drilling Engineer Anadarko

Digital Democratization: Reducing Time to First Oil

  • Understand how time to first oil can be reduced by empowering geoscientists with the power of quantitative interpretation through Microsoft Cloud
  • Discover how digital democratization is reconfiguring the structure of oil and gas companies to increase the economic success rates of exploration from the 5% industry average in the last 10 years

Repsol Francisco Ortigosa Director of Geoscience Technology Repsol

Fitting Technologies into Production Efficiency Initiatives

  • Get the latest on how advances within IOT, AI & machine learning fits in with the industry’s overall drive for production efficiency and how this varies between operators
  • Understand how AI is helping operators support other projects which are currently underway to improve efficiencies and how they are maximizing production efficiencies
  • Leverage the power of technologies including AI and machine learning to optimize your field operations by identifying and acting on opportunities

Devon Energy Travis Stephenson Production Engineer - SME Data & Analytics Devon Energy

BHGE Arun Subramaniyan Head of Data Science BHGE

P2 Energy Solutions Speaker TBC P2 Energy Solutions

Drilling Smarter = Drilling Faster

  • Hear from leading operators on how they are improving decision making using new downhole edge capabilities and real-time support technology
  • How automated drilling is improving efficiency by supporting enhanced direction and depth control and the benefits of measurement while drill well logging
  • How downhole sensor and telemetry innovation can improve decision making during drilling operations

International Association of Directional Drilling Jim Oberkircher Executive Director International Association of Directional Drilling

The Open Subsurface Data Universe: Live Demonstration

  • Get latest on the Open Subsurface Data Universe’s industry platform and see how exploration, development, and wells data is being unified through industry data standards
  • See how the platform could enable secure, reliable, global, and performant access to all subsurface data, accelerating the deployment of emerging digital solutions in support of better decision making
  • Hear how Shell’s internal subsurface data standardisation has driven operational efficiency and reduced spending

Shell Johan Krebbers GM Digital Emerging Technologies / VP IT Innovation Shell

Leading Change & Digital Transformation

  • Learn how to create a culture that fosters digitalization through a clear vision and articulation of new ways of working
  • Hear from leading thinkers from Marathon & Oxy on overcoming the organizational and cultural barriers to change
  • Understand the impact that stakeholder attitudes and orientation can have on a company’s ability to deliver on digital strategy

Moderator: Chuck Greer President CRG Oilfield Abandonment

Chesapeake Energy Brandon Brown Director Intelligent Operations Chesapeake Energy

Marathon Oil Alicia Jachmich Digital Oilfield Change Lead Marathon Oil

Occidental Petroleum Andrew Nobbay Finance Director Performance Improvement Occidental Petroleum

Interoperability & Standards

  • Recognize the standards which can be implemented to make digital drilling really plug & play
  • Discuss the trade-offs between data capture/processing at the edge and AI/Machine learning analysis in the cloud, especially during the well construction phase

Total E&P Darryl Fett Manager Research - Drilling & Completions Total E&P

Mark Reynolds Consultant and Managing Member Anderson & Spilman, LLC

Energistics Dennis O’Neill Senior Advisor Energistics

Shark-Tank Technology Innovation Showcase: Subsurface Gamechangers

  • In this session we’ll showcase the latest and greatest in technological innovations in subsurface oil and gas. You’ll hear quick-fire TED talk style presentations from start-up companies outlining their technology and how it will shake up the industry!
  • Our specialist judging panel will then provide feedback based off the presentations, offering insight into what they liked and what they’d like to see improved
  • Offer your feedback too through our interactive Q&A app, where we’ll be polling and showing your feedback to the whole audience!

Judging panel:

AAPG Moderator: Susan Nash Director of Innovation and Emerging Science / Technology AAPG

Anadarko Petroleum Christian Noll Geoscience Manager - Advanced Analytics and Emerging Technology Anadarko Petroleum

Chesapeake Energy Tavia Jackson Director Intelligent Well Delivery Chesapeake Energy

ConocoPhillips Matthew Pritchard Technology Integration and Commercialization ConocoPhillips

Pitching Companies:

ESal, Engineered Salinity Salem Thyne CEO ESal, Engineered Salinity

Sashi Gunturu Petrabytes Corp

Utilizing Digital Analytics: The Low Down

  • Get the inside track on visualizing, interacting and cross-filtering bigger data sets and extrapolating data better data analytics with transformative efficiency
  • Recognize common challenges faced when implementing high-order digital analytics models and how best to overcome these
  • Hear best practices on establishing a business case for data analytics including demonstrating ROI and understanding what’s possible for analytics in E&P operations

Apache Corporation Reza Khaninezhad Senior Data Scientist Apache Corporation

OmniSci Executive Speaker TBC OmniSci

See Data as an Enterprise Asset

  • Get the latest on the revolution around data management
  • Understand the benefits of seeing data as an enterprise asset and breaking down data silos through standardization
  • Recognize how seeing data as an enterprise asset can limit data-sprawl and the complexity, duplication and additional cost for redundant data sets

Schlumberger Edo Hoekstra DELFI E&P Environment Manager (SIS) Schlumberger

Data Gumbo Corp. Lisa Smith Chief Corporate Development Officer Data Gumbo Corp.

Timescale Executive Speaker TBC Timescale

Operator Case Study: Using AI to Hasten Seismic Interpretation

  • Hear how this operator is leveraging AI to rapidly decrease the time taken to interpret seismic data, getting to production faster
  • Understand where they are housing their data and how they are executing the training, saving money in the process

Speaker TBC

IOT Implementation

  • Recognize how to implement IOT solutions effectively in the E&P industry including interoperability with other systems
  • Hear examples of successful outcomes from recent IOT implementation in oil & gas operations
  • Recognize the ROI achieved in past projects and learn how to translate data sets into actionable insights

Hess Cliff Summers Engineering Advisor Hess

Data Analytics: The Future of Drilling?

  • Edge at the surface, Edge at the downhole: gain insight into the future of edge analytics, including how Edge is going to handhold the drilling automation
  • Recognize where Edge appliances have been used with a Hybrid approach: physics + data analytics
  • An IR 4.0 contribution: understand how exponential technologies are going to be lockstep with drilling automation
  • Discuss how data analytics fit into the drilling automation roadmap

Halliburton Robello Samuel Chief Technical Advisor & Drilling Fellow Halliburton

Getting to Data-Physics: How Best to Balance Data-Science and Physics

  • Learn from industry leaders about how best to balance data-science and physics
  • Get up to date on the latest AI and machine learning in reservoir simulation even where there is poor or incomplete data
  • Hear how cutting-edge reservoir simulation is helping reduce capex and push back completions, thereby reducing price per barrel

Chevron ETC Xianhuan Wen Team Leader - Reservoir Simulation & Optimization Chevron ETC

Anadarko Petroleum Sathish Sankaran Engineering Manager - Advanced Analytics & Emerging Technologies Anadarko Petroleum

QRI Dr. David Castiñeira CTO QRI

The Rise of Digital Twins in Transforming Oil & Gas

  • Better understand what digital twins and how they work
  • Recognize the different types of digital twins in play, and the capabilities and benefits of each
  • Understand how best to overcome the challenges and limitations faced when implementing digital twins, and how you can adopt them for maximum benefit

LNS Research Joe Perino LNS Research

Integrated Drilling Data Collection & Analysis

  • Debottleneck data processing to improve decision making speed, operational ability and drilling accuracy in the field
  • Understand how operators, contractors and the supply chain can use better data standards models to improve communications and cut drilling times
  • Optimize blowout preventer performance by adding cloud-based analytics

Hess Peter Koopmans Snr QA Advisor Drilling & Completions Hess

Data Gumbo Corp. Andrew Bruce CEO Data Gumbo Corp.


Dealing with Subsurface Data: From Legacy Data to Cloud Computing

  • Operators discuss the different routes that can be taken to cloud computing from legacy infrastructure in order to unpack the financial and operational implications of each strategy
  • Understand how to keep data safe from hackers and competitors with data on the cloud, and if it is a case of risk mitigation or management

Newfield Mark Alvarado Senior Technical Security Analyst Newfield

Petrofac Carlos Anez Subsurface Manager Petrofac

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